CSG Election Results Remain Uncertified

The Central Student Government elections continued into their thirteenth day today, with the Presidential and Vice Presidential election results still uncertified. The University Elections Commission held a hearing on Monday night, during which they voted to remand an appeal of a hearing against President-elect Manish Parikh. Parikh and his vice president, Omar Hashwi, won the student vote during the March 21-22 elections, but the results remain unconfirmed due to multiple hearings and deliberations.

The University Election Commission and Central Student Judiciary continue to meet regarding claims of alleged campaign violations. It is unclear when the election results will be confirmed, however, CSG Election Director Peter Borock told WOLV-TV that they hope to certify the executive slate within the next week. He added that it is “vitally important to make sure that every party has a chance to be fully heard on all claims.”

This historic election may encourage representatives to reform election rules in order to avoid delays in the future. President-elect Manish Parikh told WOLV-TV that in order to ensure that future elections are certified more quickly, “CSG is currently deliberating on completely striking and modifying the election code in its entirety.”

Parikh also noted that “No matter who you voted for, no matter whether you voted at all, no matter what your major is or why you are at this University, as long as you have an M Card in your pocket, your Student Government loves you all equally, and will fight for you, will treat you as their only boss, and will ultimately return this Student Government back to the students.”

For more information on the Central Student Government, visit https://csg.umich.edu/.