Varsity Blue sits down with Michigan Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison

Michigan Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison sat down with the press Wednesday afternoon, and Varsity Blue’s David Nows was there. Below are some of the notes from his print only session, and excerpts from the film session are in the video above. Enjoy!

Notes from the Mattison press availability session Wednesday:

*Encouraged by the “want to” and the additude of the guys thus far.

*Most corrections they’ve made one day show up in practice the following day.

*On the defensive set: “It’s all new to them…..It’s a totally different scheme we’re running.”

*On technique: “Unless they are perfect in their technique, I’m not satisfied.”

*On progress thus far: “No disappointment whatsoever….it’s like taking guys and molding them into what you want them to be.”

*Through six practices has installed the base defense, and has begun to work in the Nickel package, replacing the SAM Linebacker with an extra DB.

Player Specific Excerpts

*Mike Martin has stood out the most, work as if he’s a freshman, and has worked hard at changing the techniques that the coaching staff has asked him to.

*The one guy who has improved the most is Cam Gordon, playing SAM Linebacker up on the line against Tight Ends. Both Mattison and Hoke have liked his progress thus far (Hoke helps out with the SAM LB’s), and he’s “going to be a kid you’ll see a lot of.”

*Craig Roh has to be physical to be the player that they want him to be, has gotten better at putting his hand in the dirt over the six days of practice.

*Jibreel Black has competed well. Mattison – “Black looks as good as Craig some days, or better.”

*Mattison has liked what he’s seen in the secondary so far, spoke of Carvin Johnson in particular as a player who has had some good days.

*The absence of J.T. Floyd and Troy Woolfolk in spring practice has helped build depth, something Mattison believes will be valuable down the road.

*Inside Linebacker Kenny Demens has missed some time due to a shoulder aliment.

*Thomas Gordon has been working all over the field, Mattison likes him as the nickel back.