Super Awesome Cinematic Review Show (Retired)



Super Awesome Cinematic Review Show combines the story arc of a failed filmmaker with his haphazard attempts at reviewing movies new and old.  The story follows the failed filmmaker, low on cash, from his alleyway home to his attempts breaking into the theater, and then the TV studio to review the film he saw.  He runs into security guards, his future self, and many others who end up reviewing the films with him.

Along with reviewing new releases, SACRS advertises future films, gives retrospectives on old ones, proper attention to local film events, and also student films.  In terms of shooting, SACRS shoots both in studio, but also on location in Ann Arbor.

If you’d like to get involved in writing, editing, shooting, or movie reviewing, contact Sam Dodge, the producer at Also, check out SACRS  episodes on Vimeo!

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