Departments at WOLV-TV


The Entertainment Department features a variety of shows covering everything from Hollywood’s hottest to Ann Arbor’s juiciest news. If you are looking for the latest celebrity gossip, the most talked about campus events, or if you’d like to spice up your sex life there is a show for you.


News is WOLV’s oldest department and one of the most diverse. News features a weekly live news broadcast that looks at what is going on across campus, the state, the country and the world.


The WOLV Sports Department offers informative and entertaining programming covering all of Michigan’s sports and its athletes.  The Sports Department provides its members exclusive insider access – you can film from the sidelines of Michigan football games, interview hockey players, and talk to the basketball coaches.


The Programming Department is one of the nerve centers of WOLV as it is in charge of determining what you watch and when. Programming department responsibilities include maintaining both a studio and television schedule, providing quality control over shows, and approving new show pitches for production.


The Publicity Department at WOLV has a number of functions. It promotes WOLV on campus to attract new members, solicits advertisers and works with outside organizations interested in the great work that happens daily at WOLV.


The Operations Department at WOLV is in charge of maintaining the stations equipment, as well as training new crew members how to use it.  WOLV-TV has a wide range of equipment to maintain – from a studio full of cameras, to a control room full of buttons, switches, and wires, to an office full of editing stations.