Advertising Services

WOLV-TV provides advertising space for extremely low prices, and is even willing to assist in the production of commercials to be played on the network.

There are two options for businesses desiring to advertise on WOLV-TV. A business can advertise for thirty seconds (graphic, film footage, voice over, etcetera) on any program or a business can underwrite (sponsor) an episode of a program or all episodes of that program (excluding news). News is advertise-only to ensure neutrality.

Purchasing an advertising option means that your thirty-second commercial will air during the show, not only when it goes live, but at any time that it is rebroadcast. The average WOLV-TV program is rebroadcast forty to sixty times during the week following its original broadcast; it is then viewed by up to several hundred people after being put online.

If you are interested in an advertising quote, please contact our Publicity Director.

Emily Attar

Publicity Director