Recording Services

If you want to record something, WOLV is here to help. Whether you have a guest lecturer coming to your next class, a concert with a club, or are a University department organizing a symposium, WOLV can help you capture the event.

WOLV-TV offers a wide range of audio/video recording services tailored to meet your needs. WOLV offers these services at a very low cost, much less than you’ll find elsewhere. We guarantee that it will beat any verifiable offer to provide these services for cheaper, no matter the price.

WOLV-TV uses professional equipment to provide a myriad of recording services, including: multiple-camera coverage of an event, extensive editing of an event tape (including the insertion of special effects), and mass production of DVDs.

If you’re interested in any of these services, please contact WOLV’s Business Director, Josh Denzler at or the Executive Board at