What is WOLV-TV?

WOLV-TV is the University of Michigan’s completely student-run television station. Founded in 1994 by three students: Danny Schwab, Scott Doyne, and Jeff Holzhausen,WOLV-TV has evolved from simply covering Michigan Ice Hockey games to producing ten different shows and even partnering with the Big Ten Network to live-broadcast a range of Michigan sports! Visit our Vimeo site to watch any of our episodes!

WOLV-TV is the best place on campus for students to experience the ins and outs of what makes great TV. The University of Michigan does not have a journalism program, so WOLV is one of the only ways to get hands-on experience in broadcast television. Students involved with WOLV spend anywhere from 1 hour to 20 hours a week doing work for the station. Each member’s level of involvement solely lies on his or her interest to learn and desire to improve the quality of WOLV-TV.

There are many positions available at WOLV. At the end of every winter semester, the current WOLV executive board holds interviews to select the next board for the following school year. Check out our Station Leadership page to learn more about the current “EBoard.”

In addition to the leadership positions of the EBoard, each individual show has its own producers. The role of the producers is to develop the theme of the show, assign jobs to crew members, and maintain the overall quality of the show. Many producers also hold many different jobs on a particular show, like anchoring, reporting, floor directing, or control room. These producer positions are selected through the same interview process as the executive board, at the end of the winter semester. However, some producers may also be tapped at the end of the fall semester, dictated by a show’s season schedule, or the parting of a current producer due to graduation or studying abroad.

But where do our new members fit in? Everywhere! Each show successfully functions because of its crew. Crew members start at WOLV by being taught to operate a camera, run the TelePrompTer, mix the audio, run the switcher, edit highlights or packages, write scripts, or whatever job the show needs to run smoothly. We highly encourage new crew members to try many of these positions. Then, if a crew member decides to apply for a producer role and is selected, he or she will be responsible for passing on their knowledge to their new crew members.

Because WOLV-TV is student-run, the station is continually changing and evolving. The leadership of the station is always being passed down, so the knowledge and wisdom of the leaders must be effectively passed down to the future ones. WOLV-TV is a learning station, but that doesn’t mean we don’t strive for quality!

In the spring of 2010, WOLV-TV began its partnership with the Big Ten Network through their Student U Productions. Provided with a “Flypack,” students produce their own live, high-definition sports broadcasts of Michigan sports, from Men’s and Women’s Basketball, to Baseball, Softball, Wrestling, Volleyball, and, once again, Men’s Ice Hockey!

So, if you have taken the time to read all the way to here, you must be interested in getting involved! Please visit our involvement page to send us your information, and we will be sure to let you know the first step to take.

If you have any questions about this website or any of WOLV-TV’s online content, please contact the Director of New Media:

Amanda DiMare

Director of New Media