As Seen On

Name: Helena Budnik
Major(s): Screen Arts and Cultures & History
Expected Graduation: May 2014
Hometown: Stamford, CT
WOLV Specialty Skill: Finding awesome sex-related topics to talk about!
Bio: I’m a senior and have been involved with WOLV since sophomore year. Last year I started directing for TurnedOn, and this year I’m co-producer as well. I’m also the Vice President of the Golden Key Honor Society. I studied at the Goethe Institute in Germany during the summer in both 2011 and 2013. This past summer I worked in Beverly Hills as a scripted television production intern for Entertainment One, which was an amazing experience! A fun fact about me is that I’m obsessed with elephants. OBSESSED. If you ever want to see videos of cute baby elephants, I’m your girl :)


Name: Andrew Craft

Major(s): Political Science, minor in Spanish

Expected Graduation: May 2014

Bio: I love the NEWS. I have aspirations of being a broadcast journalist as a career. But I’m also involved in other organizations like Greek Life and LSA Student Government. Last summer, I worked as a campaign manager to reelect my state representative. I have a twin brother on campus so don’t be confused if you see a double of me walking around.



Name: Erica Decker

Major(s): Political Science and Communications

Expected Graduation: December 2014

Hometown: Saginaw, MI

WOLV Specialty Skill: Cutting audio

Bio: Erica is a junior at the University of Michigan. She produces and co-hosts Wake Up With WOLV which airs Friday mornings at 11 am. Erica has interned at Michigan Radio, the NPR member station in Ann Arbor, and at WNEM TV5 News, the CBS affiliate in her hometown. Her true pleasures in life include public broadcasting, policy research, food, and football.


Name: Josh Deitch

Major: Economics, SAC minor

Expected Graduation: May, 2015

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

WOLV Specialty Skill: Directing, editing

Bio: I am a junior majoring in economics and minoring in film.  I’ve been involved with WOLV since my freshman year, and I currently direct and co-produce Ultimate Sports Show.  I love movies and would like to work in the film industry after graduation, hopefully as a producer or working in some way on the business side of the industry.

Name: Jessica DeVriese

Major(s): Chemical Engineering

Expected Graduation: 2014

WOLV Specialty Skill: Camera Composition, everything technology related

Bio: Director of Operations. Enjoys computers, puppies, and skiing.




Name: Amanda DiMare

Major(s): Communications and Screen Arts & Cultures

Expected Graduation: May 2015

Hometown: Rockville Centre, New York

WOLV Specialty Skill: Floor Directing

Bio: I’m a junior double major in SAC and Communications. I work as a producer on the show Wake Up With WOLV, and am also the New Media Director for WOLV-TV. Besides WOLV, I am involved in Greek Life on Campus. After graduation, I hope to pursue a career in television as a writer or producer!



Name: Grace Foulk
Major(s): Communications
Expected Graduation: Winter 2013
Hometown: Eielson AFB, Alaska
WOLV Specialty Skill: Filming Michigan Hockey and sneaking in great puns to any episode of Overtime
Bio: WOLV Overtime Producer, Senior graduating a semester early, member of the Big Ten Network’s Student U, and has made appearances on YSM, Varsity Blue and USS. Has been a part of WOLV-TV since 2011, and has a soft spot for the Alaska Hockey Bear. When not doing WOLV stuff or in class, spends a lot of time with friends from New Life Church.



Name: Chelsea Golub
Major(s): Screen Arts and Cultures; International Studies
Expected Graduation: May 2014
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
WOLV Specialty Skill: Editing
Bio: Chelsea is a Senior double majoring in Screen Arts & Cultures and International Studies.  She is a producer of ‘The Entertainment Buzz’ this year and has been involved with WOLVTV for 3 years.  Previously, she has edited the show and filmed packages with the cast of American Reunion and comedians Jake and Amir, Streeter Seidel, and San Gurwitch.  She just came back from a semester in London, and interned this past summer at MPRM Communications, an entertainment PR agency.  Chelsea is the Media Chair for Will Work for Food’s headquarter team this year.  Chelsea loves working at WOLVTV because she is able to gain more experience in television production and greater connect with Michigan’s campus.  When she graduates this year, Chelsea hopes to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.
Name: Francisco Guzman
Major(s): SAC and Political Science
Expected Graduation: 2014
Hometown: Sterling Heights, Michigan
WOLV Specialty Skill: I do everything.
Bio: I’m the programming director and producer for Newsfeed. If there’s ever anything that needs to be done and you need help let me know. This is my senior here at the lovely University of Michigan and aside from being part of Wolv-TV I’m also involved with The Gargoyle, U of M’s premiere source for humor in magazine form. I enjoy screen arts and have a love hate relationship with politics stop asking why I choose those two. I did. Its not weird. Deal with it.
Name: Ryan Kasoff
Major(s): Sport Management
Expected Graduation: May 2014
Hometown: Laguna Hills, California
WOLV Specialty Skill: Debating Sports
Bio: I am a third year senior and producer of Varsity Blue. I also work for BTN Student U in addition to working at WCBN Radio, Ann Arbor’s student radio station. I hope to one day work as a play-by-play commentator for television and radio!





Name: Zach Kelch

Major(s): Communication Studies and Screen Arts and Cultures

Expected Graduation: 2014

WOLV Specialty Skill:  Anchor and Producer for The Entertainment Buzz

Bio: My name is Zach Kelch, from Columbus, Ohio, I’m a Senior and member of the Men’s Swim Team here at the University of Michigan. I have been working with WOLV and for The Entertainment Buzz for 3 years, beginning as a writer and then working my way to produce and co-anchor the show. This past summer I interned for ABC’s Good Morning America in New York City. After graduation I hope to find a new home at whatever local station will have me!


Name: Terry Kelly
Major(s): Screen Arts and Cultures and Communications
Expected Graduation: May 2014
Hometown: Farmington Hill, MI
WOLV Specialty Skill: Omniscient (all-knowing).
Bio: I’m a producer and the director of YSMISB, the sports debate show on WOLV. This is my second year producing for the station. I also help out with any other shows that ask, mostly the sports programming. I’m the Executive Producer of Big Ten Network Student U and I interned at ESPN this past summer as the content edit intern. I’m hilarious, but most people don’t get my humor. The few that do, however, love it.

.  . 


Name: Nicole LaGore

Major(s): Screen Arts and Cultures and Communications

Expected Graduation: May 2014

Hometown: Eastpointe, MI

Bio: I am a senior pursuing a double major in SAC and Communications.  I am a producer for EBuzz and have been involved with WOLV since my freshman year.  This past summer I interned in Los Angeles at a production and management company.  I am also a member of the Film and Video Student Association.  I hope to pursue a career in television production in the future.  In my spare time you can find me watching way too much television and cheering for the Jets or Lions every Sunday.



Name: Elizabeth McLaughlin
Major: Communications with a Minor in Writing
Expected Graduation: May 2015
Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA
WOLV Speciality Skill: Finding content and social media
Bio: This is my second year at WOLV, and I’m thrilled to be the News Director and a Producer / Co-Anchor for Wake Up with WOLV. I am obsessed with the news, especially international conflicts, politics, and public policy. I hope to someday work in investigation journalism. Besides WOLV, I am the co-captain for U of M’s Waterski Team!



Name: Ben Meyers
Major(s): Neuroscience, Minor: Environment
Expected Graduation: 2015
Hometown: Westport, CT (About 1-1.5 Hrs from ESPN Bristol & current and previous home of many TV actors and broadcasters…just ask me!)
WOLV Specialty Skill: Audio Editing, Knock-Knock Jokes

Bio: I’m a Junior who has been a crew member for WOLV and Sportsnite for 2 years. I’ve interned in award-winning research labs and organized an entire TEDx event, but my proudest media moments were starting a TV station from scratch at my high school and winning the award for best high school radio station in the country for my senior year. I also love to cook, tutor, play with dogs, and skydive.


Name: Michael Nafso
Major(s): LSA English & School of Ed English (minor in Urban Studies & Psychology)
Expected Graduation: 2014
Hometown: West Bloomfield
WOLV Specialty Skill: Camera, YSM host, and show prep
Bio: I’ve been with WOLV for three years, and a producer for YSM for two years. I also work for Big Ten Network Student U. I am a Resstaff Coordinator in West Quad, play IM soccer and basketball, and enjoy video production. When I graduate, I want to teach English & Video Journalism in a high school or work for sports broadcasting in metro-Detroit.



Name: Ross Patton

Major(s): Screen Arts & Cultures

Expected Graduation: Summer 2014

Hometown: Ypsilanti, MI

WOLV Specialty Skill: On-air Talent, Creating Packages

Bio: Ross joined WOLV TV half way through his freshman year in January of 2011 with plans of having many leadership roles within the station. He is currently the a Co-Producer and Anchor for both ‘Ultimate Sports Show’ and ‘Wolverine Alley-Oop.’ He also joined the Big Ten Network Student U in February of 2012 and has performed roles ranging from talent to producer for broadcasts of several Michigan athletic contests. This past summer, Ross worked as a Studio Production Intern for the Big Ten Network in their Chicago, IL headquarters. He is quoted as saying, “Sports broadcasting is a profession I can see myself being a part of for the rest of my life, and I have been so fortunate to have the opportunities presented to me both inside and outside of the classroom. Go Blue!”


Name: Brendan Rand

Major(s): Communications

Expected Graduation: May 2015

Hometown: Westport, CT

Bio: Brendan is a sophomore studying communications. He is now a co-producer for Wolverine Alley-Oop, WOLV-TV’s basketball show. A huge sports fan, he joined WOLV-TV last year and has enjoyed working for its Sports Department in a variety of roles both on-air and off, and looks forward to continuing to do so!



Name: Shelbey Roberts
Major(s): Communication Studies
Expected Graduation: May 2015
Hometown: Canton, MI
WOLV Specialty Skill: Newsfeed on-air talent
Bio: This is Shelbey’s third year with WOLV-TV, specifically working with Newsfeed. As a junior interested in the news element of broadcast journalism, she contributes as both a producer and anchor for the show. When Shelbey is not working with WOLV-TV, she serves on the executive board for the Michigan Association of Communication Studies, she actively promotes social justice as a residential advisor, and she is a Google Student Ambassador. This past summer, Shelbey used her communications background as she worked as a Google intern in New York City. While keeping her signature smile, Shelbey strives to learn as much as she can about the news-related world.


Name:  Annie Sabo

Major(s):  Communications

Expected Graduation:  May 2015

Hometown:  Cincinnati, OH

Bio: Annie is a junior majoring in Communications. She produces and hosts Wednesday’s You SayMaize I Say Blue.  Annie has interned with the Yankees YES Network in New York. Annie loves working for WOLV’s Sports Department as wellas The Big Ten’s Student U Team at Michigan.  Upon graduating, Annie hopes to pursue a career in Sports Broadcasting, hopefully in a big city such as New York.



Name: Jay Sarkar
Major(s): Communication Studies
Expected Graduation: May 2014
Hometown: Ann Arbor MI
WOLV Specialty Skill: On-Air
Bio: Jay is a redshirt (5th year) senior studying comm. A die hard sports fan, Jay got his start at WOLV in the Spring of 2011, working on You Say Maize, I Say Blue. After a long summer of discussions, Jay decided to blaze his own trail and launched Ultimate Sports Show in Fall 2011 with fellow WOLVer Ross Patton. Jay also serves as a producer for Varsity Blue and is WOLV’s sports director this year. Jay also is an associate producer with the Big Ten Network Student U Program on campus where he enjoys serving as a producer and calling Play by Play for Soccer, Basketball and Baseball. He spent the winter term of 2013 in Bristol, Connecticut, interning with ESPN as a Studio Production intern for Sportscenter. Outside of WOLV, you can find him enjoying gamedays, tailgating with his trademark wrestling championship belt, or at any of the local bars watching sports. Upon graduating, Jay hopes to enter into broadcasting, either as a play by play for soccer or football, or as a studio host with Fox Sports or move to England to cover Premier League soccer.


Name: Rachel Sylora
Major(s): Communication Studies
Expected Graduation: May 2015
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Bio: Rachel is a junior at the University of Michigan pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies. She is a Producer and Anchor for WOLV-TV’s weekly entertainment show “The Entertainment Buzz”. She spent this past summer interning at BBC Worldwide America in NYC. Besides her involvement at WOLV-TV, Rachel is a Campus Representative for CBS Corporation, a Marketing Representative for Insomnia Cookies, and a part of the Student U team for Big Ten Network. Following graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in the entertainment and media industries.
Name: Mary Bridget Welch
Major(s): Screen Arts and Cultures
Expected Graduation: May 2014
Hometown: Brighton, MI
WOLV Specialty Skill: Directing
Bio:I’m a senior SAC major as well as a producer and director for Turned On. In the past, I have worked for the Traverse City Film Festival but I consider TV to be my true calling. I love watching all types of TV, good or bad, but I am very much obsessed with shows like Game of Thrones and Parks and Rec.  I am also a member of the Film and Video Student Association as their social media chair. When I’m not looking up sexy topics for Turned On, you can find me working at ISS in the MLB renting out camera equipment and informing freshmen that room B137 does indeed mean “the basement.” I’m very excited to see what this year brings!



Name: Alexis Wierenga

Major(s): Screen Arts and Cultures, Communications

Expected Graduation: May 2015

Hometown: Hudsonville, MI

WOLV Specialty Skill: Producing

Bio: Alexis is a junior at the University of Michigan hailing from West Michigan. You can catch her Wednesday nights onWOLV-TV’s Newsfeed where she produces, directs, writes, reports, and edits for the weekly program. In addition to WOLV-TV, she is involved with M-agination Films student production group, ResStaff, Arts Ambassadors, the Adelia Cheever program, A-Capella, New Life Church, K-grams, and various other student organizations. This past summer she interned at WZZM 13 Grand Rapids in news production. Previously, she interned in Guatemala City for 11 weeks for a ministry network called Estrategia de Transformación as a photographer and video producer. After graduation, Alexis hopes to pursue a career in broadcasting or photojournalism.