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Name: Jennifer Bock

Majors: Communication Studies and Screen Arts & Cultures

Expected graduation: May 2015

Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI

Bio: a senior studying Film and Communications, WOLV-TV is the perfect place for me. This is my second year involved with WOLV-TV and I’m a producer for the show “The Entertainment Buzz”. After I graduate in May, I hope to pursue a career in the the television industry as a producer and bring my skills to LA.


Name:Hannah BylScreen Shot 2014-09-02 at 2.25.07 PM

Major: Communication Studies with a minor in Scandinavian Studies

Expected Graduation: May 2015

Hometown: North Muskegon, MI

WOLV Specialty Skill: Floor directing

Bio: This is my third year with WOLV-TV and I’m excited to come back with a lot of enthusiasm and professional internship experience from the entertainment news industry to offer the Entertainment Buzz! I consider myself a very well-rounded, creative producer and crew member with a lot of different skills to offer WOLV-TV and EBuzz. I love to keep up with current news, ranging all the way from international politics to celebrity news. Besides producing, I love learning and spending time as a Research Assistant in the Communications Department and the Co-President of the Scandinavian Club!


Name: Josh Deitch

Major: Economics, SAC minor

Expected Graduation: May, 2015

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

WOLV Specialty Skill: Directing, editing

Bio: I am a senior majoring in economics and minoring in film.  I’ve been involved with WOLV since my freshman year, and I currently direct and co-produce Ultimate Sports Show.  I love movies and would like to work in the film industry after graduation, hopefully as a producer or working in some way on the business side of the industry.


Name: Amanda DiMare

Major(s): Communications and Screen Arts & Cultures

Expected Graduation: May 2015

Hometown: Rockville Centre, New York

WOLV Specialty Skill: Floor Directing

Bio: I’m a senior double major in SAC and Communications. I work as a producer on the show Wake Up With WOLV, and am also the New Media Director for WOLV-TV. Besides WOLV, I am involved in Greek Life on Campus. I spent this summer in New York City as a development intern at an entertainment company. After graduation, I hope to pursue a career in television as a writer or producer!


Name:Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.27.00 PM Lauren Lucas

Major: Communication Studies, Minor in Writing

Expected Graduation: May 2015

Hometown: Fenton, MI

Bio: Lauren is a senior at the University of Michigan pursuing a degree in Communication Studies, with a minor in Writing. Since her start with WOLV-TV in 2011, she has worked her way up to Co-Producer and Anchor on “The Entertainment Buzz.” Lauren has spent the past two summers as an editorial intern for Limerence Magazine and Moosejaw Mountaineering respectively, and hopes to integrate writing in her career following graduation. Until then, Lauren is making the most of her last year at UMich, so you can catch her at eating mac ‘n’ cheese at Sava’s, strolling through the Arb, and cheering on her Wolverines on football Saturday. Go Blue!


Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.20.58 PMName: Ryan McDonough

Major (s): Screen Arts and Cultures, English Language and Literature

Expected Graduation: May 2016

Hometown: Rockville Centre, NY

WOLV Specialty Skill: Collaborating Media

Bio: This is Ryan’s third year at WOLV TV. Starting as a crewmember on Wake Up With Wolv, he is now a producer and cohost for the show and excited for another great year. Outside of the newsroom, Ryan plays for the university’s rugby team. This past summer Ryan wrote/acted/composed music for an independent movie called Almost Not Ready. Ryan is the Publicity Director for WOLV TV and loves to connect with all forms of media on campus.


Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 2.33.07 PMName: Benjamin L Meyers

Major(s): Political Science, minor in Economics

Expected Graduation: 2016

Hometown: Rye, NY

WOLV Specialty Skill: Producing, Debating

Bio: I am a junior majoring in political science and minoring in economics.  This year I will be co-producing WOLV’s Sportsnite.  I have been working on Sportsnite since my freshman year in various capacities.  Two other things I enjoy doing on campus are working for Big Ten Network Student U and being a member of Sigma Chi’s Executive Committee.  This summer I was a baseball coach at Crane Lake Camp. In my free time I enjoy preparing for fantasy football drafts, playing Madden against my roommate, and studying MLB advanced metrics.


Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.25.56 PMName: Ben S. Meyers

Major(s): Neuroscience, Minor: Environment

Expected Graduation: 2015

Hometown: Westport, CT (1.5 Hrs from ESPN, Bristol)

WOLV Specialty Skill: Technology, Directing, Knock-Knock Jokes

Bio: I’m a Senior, Producer for Sporstnite, Associate Producer for Big Ten Network Student U, and future doctor (hopefully). I worked for the #1 U.S. high school radio station and started a TV station with fellow WOLV-er Brendan Rand. Outside the studio, you can find me in a research lab, a TEDx event, the kitchen, or the diag looking for dogs.


Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.04.52 PMName: Sarah Ponczek

Major(s): Communication Studies and Political Science

Expected graduation: May 2016

Hometown: Parkland, Florida

Bio: I joined WOLV-TV second semester freshman year and I could not have made a better decision!  I am now News Director, and both produce and anchor Wake Up With WOLV.  Besides working with WOLV-TV on campus, I am also involved with BTN Student U and SMTD’s Dance Department.  With a love of learning, informing, and performing, I hope to pursue a career in broadcast journalism post-graduation.


Name: Brendan Rand

Major(s): Communication Studies with Judaic Studies Minor

Expected Graduation: 2015

Hometown: Westport, CT

Bio: I am a senior and have been involved in WOLV since my freshman year. I am currently the Sports Director, and also produce WOLV’s football show Varsity Blue and WOLV’s basketball show Wolverine Alley-Oop. I also work for Big Ten Network’s Student U program, and recently interned at ABC News in New York. I hope to pursue a career in television after graduation.


Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.05.18 AMName: Shelbey Roberts

Major: Communication Studies

Expected Graduation: May 2015

Hometown: Canton, MI

WOLV Specialty Skill: Newsfeed on-air talent

Bio: This is Shelbey’s fourth year with WOLV-TV, specifically working with Newsfeed. As a senior interested in the news elements of broadcast journalism, Shelbey contributes as both a producer and anchor for the show; finding content, writing stories, collecting footage and organizing show rundown. When Shelbey is not working with WOLV-TV, she serves on the executive board for the Michigan Association of Communication Studies and she actively promotes social justice in the on-campus housing community as a residential advisor. This past summer, Shelbey incorporated her communications background into her data analytics internship at Google in Mountainview, California. While keeping her signature smile, Shelbey strives to learn as much as she can about the news-related world.


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Name: Larissa Rosen

Major(s): Screen Arts and Cultures, Business

Expected Graduation: May 2016

Hometown: Franklin Lakes, NJ

Bio: I am a Junior pursuing a dual-degree between Ross and SAC. I have been in the control room with WOLV for the past two years, and am currently one of the producers for Wake Up With WOLV. I spent this past summer interning for TNT/TBS in Burbank, CA which confirmed my desire to produce television in the future. Besides WOLV, I am involved with MUSKET Musical Theatre Productions and AKPsi Professional Business Fraternity.


Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.28.47 PMName: Annie Sabo

Major(s): Communications

Expected Graduation: May 2015

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

WOLV Specialty Skill: On-air Hosting

Bio: I currently am a producer/host for “You Say Maize, I Say Blue,” a sports debate show for WOLV.  I’m pursuing an on-air sports career and have interned for the Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network (YES) as well as The Big Ten Network in Chicago. Outside of the studio, I can be found at most Michigan sporting events because I also work for the Big Ten Network “Student U” crew at Michigan.  Other than sports and television, I’m a lover of small dogs and peanut butter.

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Name: Allie Schmidt

Major(s): SAC and Communication

Expected Graduation: Winter Semester, ‘17

Hometown: Ada, MI

Bio: A sophomore in the LSA, Allie spends much of her free time participating in the Ballroom Dance Team. She works for the University’s Housing IT Office and this will be her first year producing Newsfeed, the show she was a crew member of last year. While she is mostly interested in the technical side of production, she thoroughly enjoys working on both sides of the camera. Her favorite WOLV-TV memory is watching Obama land in Air Force 1 and covering his speech on minimum wage in the University’s IM Building.


​​Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.15.57 PMName: Rachel Sylora

Major(s): Communications, Minor in Business

Expected Graduation: June 2015

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Bio: Rachel is a senior at the University of Michigan studying Communications with a Minor in Business. She currently serves as WOLV-TV’s Entertainment Director and is a Producer and Anchor for WOLV’s weekly entertainment show, “The Entertainment Buzz”. Aside from her involvement at WOLV-TV, Rachel is a Campus Representative for CBS and a part of the Student U team for Big Ten Network. This past summer Rachel returned to NYC, where she had previously interned at BBC, to intern at The Weather Channel. She will be spending Fall 2014 as a full-time intern at Google in Ann Arbor.


Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.29.47 PMName: Aaron Tishkoff

Major(s): Business

Expected Graduation: 2017

Hometown: Ann Arbor

WOLV Specialty Skill: Producing

Bio: Aaron is a sophomore currently enjoying his second year at WOLV where he produces and hosts Ultimate Sports Show. When not making a fool of himself on the air, he works for Michigan’s the Big Ten Student U program, plays intramural basketball and studies for the BBA he is pursuing.


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Name:Neha Vyas

Major: Communication Studies

Expected Graduation: 2016

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Bio: When I transferred to the University of Michigan last year, I immediately knew I wanted to get involved with the student-run television station’s sports department. Now, I’m one of the three producers for “Sportsnite,” and I’m so excited for this year! I interned at NBC Sports this past summer, and prior to that I interned at 13ABC, the local ABC affiliate in Toledo, Ohio. Other than WOLV, on campus I work for Big Ten Network’s Student U Program, serve as a campus ambassador for NBCUniversal, and am on the Executive Board for the Association for Women in Sports Media. After graduation, I hope to either pursue a career in broadcast journalism and/or attend law school.


Name: Alexis Wierenga
Major(s): Screen Arts and Cultures B.A. (Television and Video Production), Communication Studies B.A.

Expected Graduation: May 2015

Hometown: Hudsonville, MI

WOLV Specialty Skill: Producing

Bio: Alexis is a senior at the University of Michigan hailing from West Michigan. In addition to leading the WOLV-TV Programming Department, she is a producer of WOLV-TV’s Newsfeed where she directs, writes, reports, and edits for the weekly program. You can also catch her on the sidelines at almost any campus sporting event working for Big Ten Network Student U. She is involved with M-agination Films, ResStaff, Arts Ambassadors, New Life Church, K-grams, and various other student organizations. In collaboration with the University SAC department, she has directed the sitcom Toast and is currently developing a live sketch comedy program with a team of students led by Terri Sarris.This past summer she interned at CNN in New York City where she worked on the Programming and Talent Development team. Previously she worked at WZZM 13 Grand Rapids in news production and in Guatemala City for a ministry network called Estrategia de Transformación as a photographer and video producer. After graduation, Alexis hopes to pursue a career in television production or photojournalism.


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