WOLVie Award Recipients

Here at WOLV-TV, we like to recognize our members who demonstrate continued hard work and dedication throughout the year.  We hold our very own award show to showcase these outstanding members.  Here is the list of winners from past WOLVies:

WOLVies ’14 Award Winners:

  • News MVP– Sarah Ponczek
  • Sports MVP– Aaron Tishkoff
  • Entertainment MVP– Hannah Byl
  • Most Congenial– Shelbey Roberts
  • Producer of the Year– Ross Patton
  • On Air Department Director of Year– Elizabeth McLaughlin
  • Off Air Department Director of Year– Amanda Dimare
  • Jess Devriese Technical Award– Jess Devriese
  • Station MVP– Jay Sarkar
  • Lifetime Achievement– Alison Bloom
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Best Package– Ultimate Sports Show “Dunkin’ Diag”
  • Most Improved Show – Sportsnite
  • Best Show– Turned On

WOLVies ’12 Award Winners:

  • News MVP– Hadas Brown
  • Sports MVP-Adam Brewster
  • Entertainment MVP– Marisa McKay
  • Producer of the Year– David Nows
  • Department Director of Year– Lauracindy Plague
  • Station MVPChelsea Hunersen
  • Best in Crew– Sam Dodge
  • Daniel J. Sass Lifetime Achievement– Denny Blount
  • Rookie of the Year– Mike DeWitt
  • Best Package– WUWW’s Lauren Blanchard and USS’s Jay Sarkar, Ross Patton
  • Most Congenial WOLV Member– Alex Assaf
  • Most Improved Show – Sportsnite
  • Best Show-Overtime

WOLVies ‘11 Award Winners:

  • News MVP– Hadas Brown
  • Sports MVP– David Nows
  • Entertainment MVP– Katt Riley
  • Rookie of the Year– Ben Maynard
  • Best Package– Ebuzz “Social Network” Penny Filyo
  • Freshman of the Year– Jess Frost
  • Innovator of the Year– Evan Dougherty
  • Most Congenial WOLV Member– Chelsea Hunersen/Nick Tejeda
  • Producer of the Year– Lauracindy Plague “NewsFeed”
  • Station MVP– Alex Prasad
  • Most Improved Show– NewsFeed – Wednesday
  • Best Show– Varsity Blue

WOLVies ’10 Award Winners:

  • News MVP: Evan Dougherty
  • Sports MVP: Andrew Olmsted
  • Entertainment MVP: Katt Riley
  • Business MVP: Kasia Franczyk
  • Best Blog/Online Content: Newsfeed
  • Best Special: EBuzz – Halloween Special
  • Senior Award: Billy Holbert
  • Rookie of the Year: Lauren Blanchard
  • Best Package: Andrew Olmsted – Sundance Film Festival
  • Producer of the Year: Penelope Filyo
  • Station MVP: Matthew Dupree
  • Most improved show: Wolverine Alley-oop
  • Best Show: Caroline in the Kitchen

WOLVies ’09 Award Winners:

  • News MVP: Matt Dupree
  • Sports MVP: Sam Rosin
  • Entertainment MVP: Penny Filyo
  • Business MVP: Teddy Heidt
  • Best Show: Newsfeed
  • Most improved show: Turned On
  • Station MVP: Kaitlin Urka
  • Best Blog/Online Content: Ebuzz
  • Best Special: Newsfeed – Election Special
  • Senior Award: Kaitlin Urka
  • Rookie of the Year: Penny Filyo
  • Best Package: Joe Degnan-Sex on Campus
  • Producer of the Year: Sammie Stencil
  • Daniel J Sass Lifetime Achievement Award: Charles Clinton

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