Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any experience?

No, you just have to be an enrolled student. WOLV TV encourages participation from individuals regardless of prior experience, and in fact encourages it. WOLV is a great place to grow your TV resume if you had experience in high school, and if not we’re also a fantastic place to start!

What is the time commitment?

WOLV does not demand any time commitment from casual members. Much more is expected of producers and members of the WOLV TV Executive Board, but of course, those people chose to take on greater responsibilities.

If you are considering joining WOLV, but only have two hours per week, there is a place for you here. If you are considering joining and have 10 hours a week to give, WOLV encourages that as well!

How can I become a member of WOLV?

Just contact us! Email or anyone affiliated with the station. We always welcome new members and are more than willing to help get you on board. All currently enrolled University of Michigan students are welcome.

Can I start my own show?

WOLV TV is always open to new shows. There is a specific pilot approval process, including pitching the show to the Executive Board, which generally answers most of the questions that a prospective producer might have about making their TV dream a reality. There is a lot of flexibility for getting a new show started, but it hinges on the commitment of the show’s producer to see the final product put together, as well as studio availability.

Can I work in more than one department?

Definitely. WOLV TV encourages its members to get involved anywhere they’re interested.

How soon can I be on-air?

This question does not have a specific answer. If you come to a show consistently and have a strong desire to be on-air, it should not take long for you to gain an opportunity, but each show has different opportunities because of their varied structure. We encourage anyone who joins to learn all aspects of television production. As previous and current members will tell you, learning multiple skills looks great on a resume and will help you secure your dream internship or job!

Who watches WOLV?

WOLV TV currently publishes episodes to Vimeo, so anyone with an internet connection can watch WOLV TV! All content created by WOLV TV is student-produced. We also have a large presence on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Finally, WOLV’s partnership with the Big Ten Network allows for the work of WOLV students to be seen multiple times a week in 70+ million homes nationwide!

Can WOLV help me get an internship?

Many WOLV members have used their experiences and networking skills here to attain internships both in the summer and during the academic year. The skills that our members gain at WOLV help them to understand what it takes to be successful in the television industry, and WOLV members are respected by the industry. In recent years, WOLV members have interned at Turner Sports, ABC News (NYC and DC), Big Ten Network, ESPN, CNN, WXYZ-TV, WJBK- TV, WDIV-TV, ABC News Miami, Fox Sports Detroit, and NBC Sports Olympic coverage, among countless others.

What type of equipment does WOLV use?

WOLV TV uses industry-standard digital equipment including Apple computers, Panasonic AG AC-160 camcorders, and Final Cut Pro X. The FTM studios have Panasonic cameras, Ross Video production equipment including a Vision switcher and XPression graphics, and a seamless chroma key (green screen) set, among many other features.

Can I receive academic credit for working with WOLV?

There are ways for WOLV to count for academic credit, but WOLV does not arrange for those opportunities. If you are interested in receiving academic credit for your work at WOLV, we suggest that you contact your academic advisor for more information.

As part of the Department of Film, Television, and Media’s sponsorship of WOLV TV, FTM now offers a course specifically for WOLV members. This course is offered once per academic year, and offers WOLV members opportunities to learn things they may not learn from WOLV shows alone.

Can I be paid for working with WOLV?

WOLV is an unpaid experience, as we are a student organization on campus. However, WOLV’s partnership with the Michigan Athletic Department and the Big Ten Network allows students to be paid for their work (please note, this is separate from WOLV TV). For more information on that program, visit our Big Ten Network Student U page.

How long has WOLV been around?

WOLV TV started during the 1994-1995 academic year, when a couple of students were shocked to learn that the prestigious University of Michigan did not have a student television station. Led by Danny Schwab (President), Scott Doyne (Vice-President), and Jeff Holzhausen (Sports Director), WOLV’s main aim was to get the project off the ground. Because WOLV did not have a studio, the main focus of production was airing Michigan Ice Hockey games.

Since the first year, WOLV has grown to three on-air departments, ten shows, and dozens upon dozens of faithful crew members. In those years, WOLV TV has operated out of South Quad, Argus II, and now resides in North Quad.

How can I advertise on WOLV?

Strictly speaking, WOLV TV is a sponsored student organization, and as such we cannot sell space or “air time” for advertisements. However, WOLV often partners with other student orgs or campus events for promotional purposes. Email us with any questions, and we’ll do our best to partner with you.

Can I donate to WOLV?

Absolutely, and we greatly appreciate it! Please contact the General Manager(s) for more information.

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