Turned On Episode 21: April 5, 2016

Join hosts Gillian, Kat, and Kostya as they tackle tips for “Netflix and chilling,” discuss dating on campus, and shock you with news about beer made from vaginal lactic acid.

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Sex in the News stories from, Buzzfeed, and Sex in the News photos from The Order of Yoni,, and

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Wake Up With WOLV: 4-1-16

We have a full show for you today thanks to our special guests! With us we ┬áhave Sarah Wood from Oats and Woes, Sam Jacobs from Relay for Life, and Our new CSG President, David Schafer, and Vice President, Micah Griggs. Stay tuned to see coverage of UM’s annual improv festival covered by WUWW’s own Megan Doyle. Thank you for watching!

Turned On Episode 20: March 29, 2016

Turned On is back for another amazing episode! Join hosts Josh, Kat, and Rebecca as they reveal the secret history of sex toys, give tips for safe oral sex with women, and the University of Michigan’s newly updated policy on sexual misconduct.

Sex in the News articles from the Michigan Daily, Bustle, and Sex in the News photos from Ryan Garza at the Detroit Free Press via the Battle Creek Enquirer, Getty Images via The Guardian, and

The Entertainment Buzz: Episode 17

Join us this week as we talk baby bumps, rekindling romance, Ice T and Coco’s baby, and more! Stick around to watch as we get the inside scoop on Michigan’s hip-hop dance crew, FunKtion, as well as all the details on the 1st Annual University of Michigan’s Improv Festival as we talk with Lauren Barrett.

Talent: Jess Knight and Madison Hurtubise
Director: Marie Monark
Producer: Julie Fassnacht